North York Drains & Sewer Services

Full range of drain services and technologies

The DrainWorks® award-winning team of 100% commission free drain cleaning and drain repair specialists provides a full range of drain services and technologies: drain snake, drain video camera, “No Dig” trenchless drain replacement, Drain Hydro Jetting or surgically precise drain excavation. We solve the most demanding residential drain problems

13-time winner of Consumer Choice Award for Drain Excellence in Toronto

There is a good reason that North York and Toronto consumers have voted us Consumer’s Choice Award winner for Drain Service Excellence 13 years straight: It’s because they trust our ethical approach to business. And to prove to you that it is possible to be both the best and cost effective option, DrainWorks® promises to beat any comparable written competitor’s drain quote by 10% of the difference. So, you get the best price and the most trusted service from the same company, DrainWorks®.

Sewer Backup Clearing Guarantee – We will clear it, or you don’t pay!™

If your main sewer/sanitary line is backed up, meaning a floor drain, etc, we will send in one of our highly trained, certified, full time salaried (meaning non-commission based) drain technicians with top of the line drain rootering equipment to clear your main line and return your sewer system to functionality, and if we do not do that, you don’t pay!

Now that is truly a risk free proposal; you get the 13-time consecutive Consumer’s Choice award winning drain company to your home, and we won’t take a penny if your sewer backup isn’t cleared.

Lifetime warranty on underground drainage repairs

Underground drainage repairs come with a lifetime warranty. This means not only do we intend to do the right job the first time, but we also provide you a product that we stand behind for as long as you own your home. Think about it – peace of mind – for life. What could be better than that? You can breathe a sigh of relief and never worry about it again.

““We have three little kids at home and our house and all of its appliances are put to HEAVY use. Even though our house is renovated, we are in an older area and from time to time drains get clogged and fixtures get worn out. Unfortunately, I don’t have a brother or friend who is a plumber, but I always call Drainworks. Over the past 5 years, we have had a few different drain specialists and at least 3 or 4 different licensed plumbers from Drainworks visit to remedy clogged drains, install faucets, repair leaks and troubleshoot my various issues, and I have been COMPLETELY satisfied and impressed each time. When I’ve got a problem, I just know they can help me. I wouldn’t say the service is cheap, but I think their services are a fair market rate. Given that they send me a professional licensed person with a problem-solving attitude each and every time, and the work is guaranteed, it is well worth what it costs.”
Karen in North York