Plugged Sinks & Drains

If you’ve been a homeowner for any length of time, you’ve most likely had to deal with the headache of a drain backup; whether it’s a kitchen sink, or a toilet, a drain backup is never a fun thing and can be a time consuming effort, if you aren’t equipped to handle it.

Clogged Basement Bathtub Drain, in an Older Home

“This was the second time I used Drainworks for servicing my basement plumbing. Bathtub was backed up when washroom and kitchen sinks are used, plus the plumbing in the house is old and tricky to work with. Drainworks arrived on time, very professional, 2 men – Mike Dunn and Eric Fralic worked diligently to clear all issues.

I have used many plumbing companies prior, and because my basement has inherited issues it is always a challenge to solve plumbing problems. Drainworks is the only company I can always expect to deliver great results, on time, with efficient handling of my time, advance notice of arrival, 24 hours service, and great representatives who do job their right and with no stress to the home owner, and the pluming issues are always solved. Highly recommend to any home owner !!!

Great job Drainworks – Mike and Eric – once again – thank you!

by Lena K, in North York, Ontario

Most commonly, people’s kitchen sinks tend to back up due to far too much food and grease being poured into the drain line. Over time, that food waste or grease can build up, and when that grease hardens, over time, it will decrease the diameter of your piping, until nothing drains at all.

Kitchen drain clogged with pastry dough:

“After some serious baking for Easter dinners, our poor kitchen drain was clogged with pastry dough. This turned out to be a problem for the pros as the clog (a.k.a. the blob) ventured further and affected our vanity bathroom! We called Drainworks and they promised service the very next morning. Matt showed up on time, was friendly, reconfirmed the phone quote, got work straight away. He was done in a flash, cleaned up after himself and the quote was spot-on accurate. Will definitely use these guys again!” Sarah in North York

Slow shower drain:

“We needed to have someone inspect the gradual drain flow degradation… especially in our shower stall. I sent an online booking request through the DrainWorks website. Two minutes later, a DrainWorks representative politely called and promptly slotted me in the same day. Matt Achcinski arrived at the door right on time to assess the problem (complete with a shoe covers!). He checked all the bathroom elements thoroughly while giving me an impromptu Plumbling Maintenance 101 overview which was extremely helpful. Once he localized the problem, he quickly tarped the area and proceeded to clear the blockage. The bathroom was spotless after he completed the work. I can’t imagine getting better service from initial engagement to finish. I now have only one number to call if I ever have any plumbing issues in my home.” Charlie in North York

Toilet clogged with.. beets!

“On Nov 5th I found that my toliet was clogged and after repeated attempts to clear, I decided this was in need of a professional. I called Drainworks and they sent over one of their team. The fellows name was Mike and after he tried and tried to unclog the toilet with the snake , there was no choice but to take off the toilet. A few months ago I had a similar experience when my gran-daughter had given one of her toys a swim in the toilet. I figured that this was a repeat but no… Mike took off the toilet and low and behold there was the clog. Beets ! some how…. a number of sliced beets had been put down the toilet. Mike removed the beets , changed the inbound water line, replaced the toilet. All this was done very professionally and reasonably priced too! I highly recommend Drain Works and their very special staff… Thanks again Mike for BEATING the BEETS clog for us……..” Gerald Hopkins in North York

Cleared guest bedroom toilet drain:

“We invited people to stay in your spare room with a private 3 pc bathroom and the toilet didn’t work. The drain was clogged. When the upstairs toilet is flushed their drain floods. Plus no time to fix it. We said goodbye to our lovely guests with the patience of job. I called DrainWorks at 5 PM and at 6 PM Jeremy was downstairs and at work. By 7 PM I was paying my invoice. He was quick. Clean. Polite. Informative. This is the second time we’ve called for assistance from DrainWorks and would recommend them for quick and effective service.” Jeremy in East York

Should this happen, you know who to call; here at DrainWorks, our drain technicians are fully equipped to address those pesky kitchen sink drains, or the toilet that seems to clog every few weeks. Better yet, they don’t work on commission. All of our technicians are salaried employees, so they’ll never try to sell you anything needlessly.