Drain Snake Rootering

A drain snake (also called a “plumbing snake” or “drain auger” is a device used to unclog drains. A drain snake is a long, flexible metal cable that can have various bits attached to the end of it. The drain snake can be powered by hand or electrically. A drain snake is rotated in a downward spiral into a drain until it reaches a clog. Once at the obstruction, the bit on the end of the cable ideally unclogs the drain using the action the bit was designed for.

There are several different types of plumbing snakes for home and commercial use as well as several different types of bits that can be put on the cable. Our technicians receive extensive training on using the proper bits and cables that are best suited for each application and every situation. The machine itself that rotates the cable comes in various sizes and strengths. One variable that distinguishes a commercial drain snake from a home-use snake is the length and diameter of the cable.

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Shower drain snaking:

“Before drainworks came, our shower was stuck, like a little swimming pool. After Jeremy Harris’s work, it drains like it should be. He cleaned out large amount of build up plus hair from the former owner. Also snaked via shower drain usin K-50 w/ 3/8” cables for 15′ and pull back more hair. Later I tested the water and the shower drains very well. I really recommend this company if you need help with your shower.” Diana in North York

DrainWorks® owns and uses large motor powered augers that use various sized cables. These types of machines can be dangerous and hazardous to your health if not treated with respect and handled by trained personnel. Due to the nature of these electrical machines and basements, occasionally they have to be operated in flood conditions, which can present additional hazards that again, our technicians are well trained to handle. The largest cable on our commercial grade drain snaking equipment is used for cleaning and removing clogs from main drains. These cables are of significantly larger diameter than the cables you would use for a plugged kitchen sink. The commercial drain snake has a high-powered motor that rotates the cable through sludge, tree roots and other debris much easier than smaller, home-use drain snakes. These snakes can reach a much further distance as well.

Basement drain blockage snaked:

“Called DrainWorks at 11:30 am and requested for them to come out after 6 pm. Jeremy arrived at 7 pm and put a camera down the basement drain and highlighted the issue that cause our basement flood. He gave us two options – replace sewer line (well over $1000) or do a snake ($100). We told him to snake the sewer line and he was done within 30 minutes. He was very organized and methodical – even about how he put away his tools at the end of job. He even had a portable VISA machine to accept the payment.” In North York

Snaking bathtub drain:

“We had an excellent experience from the first phone call to the end result. Mike thoroughly snaked the drain in the bathtub. Mike left the tub cleaner than it was before he came, and the water drains better than it ever did since we moved in! Mike clearly explained everything to us. I would highly recommend Drainworks to everyone, and wouldn’t hesitate to call them next time I have a drain issue. Thank-you for resolving our issue quickly, honestly, and professionally! Great work!” ALP

Due to the nature of this type of work, it can become messy pretty quickly. Snaking out your drain can become a splashing displeasure and health hazard, so it really is best left to well-trained technicians. Our technicians come completely equipped and ready to protect your home from mess or risk. We bring all the drop sheets, cloths and cleaning materials needed to ensure the health and safety of everyone in your home while operating these machines. We treat every homeowner and their property with the same respect and cleanliness we would expect in our own homes.

Snaking Backed-up Shower Drain:

“Our recommendation of Drainworks is because of their promptness and professionalism in service. They snaked our backed-up shower drain quickly and the technicians (Mike and Eric) wore booties and cleaned up the bathroom with disinfectant before they left. Jean-Paul was courteous and informative on the phone in providing quotes, options and in setting up the appointment. Keep up the great work!”

Laundry room drain snaked:

“I had a backed up drain in the Laundry room floor which needed to be snaked which was done very quickly. Jeremy also showed me the source of the problem which was an improper plumbing connect to the main sewer line done by a previous owner. I know what will have to when I renovate the basement sewer line and feeder lines. I found this value added to the original work that had to be done.” Greg in Woodbine & Danforth