Drain / Sewer Back-up

If you’ve been a home owner for any length of time, you’ve most likely had to deal with the headache of a drain backup; whether it’s a kitchen sink, or a toilet, a drain backup is never a fun thing and can be a time consuming effort, if you aren’t equipped to handle it. Worse yet, is a sewer backup or floor drain backup in the basement. These can cause sewage to back up onto your floor and can carry substantial bacteria that isn’t always easily cleaned up after. If you have children or small pets who play or use this area of the basement, they’re even more susceptible to the after-effects.

Get the peace of mind you deserve for your family, call our team of Toronto Plumbers (in the North York area) and find out why we’ve received the distinct honour 13 consecutive years of the Consumer’s Choice award for Drain Service Excellence.

Sewer Backup Clearing Guarantee – We will clear it, or you don’t pay!®

If your main sewer/sanitary line is backed up, meaning a floor drain, etc, we will send in one of our highly trained, certified, full time salaried (meaning non-commission based) drain technicians with top of the line drain rootering equipment to clear your main line and return your sewer system to functionality, and “if we don’t clear it, you don’t pay!®”

Now that is truly a risk free proposal; you get the 13-time consecutive Consumer’s Choice award winning drain company to your home, and we won’t take a penny if your sewer backup isn’t cleared.

Sewer backup/ clean outs installed:

“We had a sewer backup and required clean outs be installed for the city to come in and find the root of the sewer back-ups we have been experiencing for years. When Jeremy came to snake and use the camera on our drain he explained everything to us in a manner that anyone could understand. Gave us quotes on the work we needed done and had a crew in our home 2 days later. The work men were so clean I didn’t seem like we had work done in our basement. I was expecting a dirty disaster. To surprise my husband when he came home from work I told him no one had showed up. He was so surpised when he went down to check and saw that the work was completed. We would definitely call the company in again if needed. And would recommend them to all my family and friends. Great Job Guys!” Amgela in North York