Tree Roots Removal from Drains

Most people dream of living on a tree lined street in a well-developed neighbourhood; of course, most people don’t know the havoc that tree roots can wreak on their underground sanitary drain line. Tree roots can infiltrate the drain line, making it completely impenetrable for sewage and water to pass through into the City sewer system. As much as no one ever wants this to happen to them, rest assured, with DrainWorks, you’ve come to the right place.

“I have a large yard and the toilet in our basement seemed to be clogged – eventually we saw sewage come out of drainage areas in the basement shower and another part of the basement. Drainworks came quickly and diagnosed the problem as tree roots having gotten into our old pipes (the house is 1940’s-50’s). They offered different solutions at different price points with advice, but not necessarily pressure to pick the most expensive solution. In the end, we picked one of the more pricey ways to solve the problem, with hopes that this would not happen again. (They had to dig into the ground and replace with PVC pipe). They worked efficiently, quickly and didn’t leave a mess. I’m really happy with the service.”
Cheung in North York

Our team of highly trained, certified commission free drain technicians will work with you to address you underground drain issues caused by tree roots(or other things). They will go over each step of the process with you and keep you informed of the removal of these tree roots.

“The Drainworks team was here today to dig up approx 4-5′ of my basement floor in order to replace an old ceramic pipe where roots had managed to push at the connection between it and the PVC piping. As as result, and over many many years, roots continued to grow through and into the drainage system. The end result was of course, a blockage resulting in a backup. A backup that no store bought chemical could even begin to fix. Mike Dunn was originally on “the scene” to try to zero in on the problem, which he showed me on the camera and explained in full detail answering all my questions. After moving ahead with the only solution I can only say one thing and that is that from day one the team, including dispatchers, excavators, assistants etc..they were nothing but courteous, professional and efficient and considering the work that had to be done, very reasonably priced. They worked in a very methodical manner, and were very considerate to keep the work area and non affected area as clean as possible. After they were finished they even cleaned outside of their “taped off” work area. I would/will 100% recommend Drainworks. Thank you again!”
Nina in Etobicoke

Whether you’re looking for a permanent, lifetime solution to tree roots in your home, or a temporary solution, you’ve come to the right place. Come experience the BIG DrainWorks difference.

“Our main house drain was backed up and starting to flood the basement. Drainworks came by in about an hour on a Sunday afternoon, the technician was professional and explored all the options to resolve the issue, and was open with the pricing on all options. In the end we just needed to get snaked and we have roots in the outside pipe. They were quick, careful with the carpets, and made certain we were satisfied and all the drains were working. Quick, effective, and hones work, all I was looking for.”
Ryan Brown in North York
We had tree roots growing into our sewer line causing backups. Drainworks diagnosed the problem and replaced the old clay pipes with PVC, both inside & outside. Everyone we dealt with was fast and super efficient (thanks to Matt, Lou, Mischa & the crew). They fixed all our plumbing issues and then left the place incredibly clean.”
Dave in North York