Plumbing & Drain Services Guarantees

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Business in today’s market place should be guided by old world practices such as quality, workmanship, professionalism and etiquette. At the same time it is important to do things efficiently and use new world technology to the satisfaction and benefit of everyone the business provides for. That is the reason why I have taken the step of making the following promise to each and every single one of my customers.

If any of our employees smoke or swear in your home; are not drug-free; do not wear shoe covers or leave your home without cleaning up, you do not pay for the service. I strongly believe in the practice of earning the trust of each and every person I do business with and I believe that my promise to you is a step in that direction.

Amongst a myriad of reasons, this is just one more, for you, to choose DrainWorks for your plumbing and drains needs and see the BIG DrainWorks difference


We also have additional  warranties provided on our Drains and Plumbing services:

Sewer Backup Clearing Guarantee  – We will clear it, or you don’t pay!®

If your main sewer/sanitary line is backed up, meaning a floor drain, etc, we will send in one of our highly trained, certified, full time salaried (meaning non-commission based) drain technicians with top of the line drain rootering equipment to clear your main line and return your sewer system to functionality, and “If we don’t clear it, you don’t pay!®”

Now that is truly a risk free proposal; you get the 13-time consecutive Consumer’s Choice award winning drain company to your home, and we won’t take a penny if your sewer backup isn’t cleared.

Lifetime warranty on underground drainage repairs

Underground drainage repairs come with a lifetime warranty. This means not only do we intend to do the right job the first time, but we also provide you a product that we stand behind for as long as you own your home

1-year Plumbing Parts Warranty and Workmanship Guarantee

We offer 1-year Warranty on above ground plumbing repairs. If a plumbing repair fails in the first year, we will repair it again absolutely free.

“Exact to-the-penny”® up front pricing IN WRITING

We provide “exact to-the-penny”® up front pricing IN WRITING for all plumbing and underground drainage repairs. There is nothing approximate or vague about a DrainWorks® quote. No surprises, no vague verbal quotes, no hidden costs!

“There were no hidden costs in DrainWorks quote, the plumber showed me his pricing structure up front for both my original request and the new faucet, so I knew exactly how much it was going to cost.”
J & A in Mississauga